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Gallery On The Net, years in the making and close to launch, is where visitors can enjoy the works of fine artists, photographers, and writers. The intent is to provide a virtual cultural experience through visually appealing and interesting subject matter along with relevant information. Gallery On The Net will also serve as a portal where visitors can purchase any featured art or item that they enjoy and wish to own, including originals and limited editions.

Gallery On The Net will continue to evolve with new works, artists, information, and other culturally directed requests. As an example, an “Antiques” or "Fine Wines" section may become future added features.

It is also our intent to add links and other visitor-friendly options.

We encourage and welcome suggestions and comments that will help us enhance your experience at Gallery On The Net.

If you are an artist interested in displaying your work, please contact us either by postage or email.

Thank you.

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